The New Age – UFO conspiracy

Back in the times when I studied the J. F. Kennedy conspiracy, I tried to listen what in the world is spoken in the JFK dictabelt just before the shots came, and sometimes I heard the words one way, another time differently. One day I happened to listen to a song by Nightwish in the youtube and was quite happy to notice that other people have similar problems.

I read comments to a youtube video Wishmaster by Nightwish. The correct words go



Heartborne, Seventh seeker



In me the Wishmaster

But somebody had tried to listen to the words and came up with


A dentist

Hard Porn

Steaven Seagull


This rifle

In me the fishmonster

That’s amazing, but that’s what it sounds like. I tried to listen carefully the second time these words come and when reading the interpretations of the commentator, it did sound just like hamster and so on. I am sure that in this special case the singer, Tarja Turunen, actually says the words as they are in the first list. (That does not mean that it is always so, in Samuli Edelman’s song Ihana valo, I am pretty sure that the chorus does not sing ihana valo, while that is what the lyrics claim, but in Wishmaster those are the words.)

Which is the correct list, that is, what can you hear? Both are correct. It is a different question to ask what the singer sang and what could be heard. The voice got distorted and it is not what the singer sang. The brain is completing the distorted sounds to words. The same happens in the JFK dictabelt. I hear it differently than Steve Barber, but we are both correct: that’s what it sounds like. It is not possible to say by listening what was said in the tape. Fortunately, my arguments for the dictabelt do not depend on what I hear.

But let’s forget the JFK case.

Those words are rather New Age, one could agree.

These words reminded me of the New Age – UFO conspiracy.  I do not mean the simple UFO mystery where people see UFOs and claim that aliens took them to space ships and made some experiments with them. I mean the verified cases of cattle mutilation and figures on corn fields. Somebody was killing animals and making these figures in the night. That was in the 1970ies. The first one was 1967. At that time many people suspected New Age groups. There seems to be new cases of cattle mutilation: in 2001 in Indonesia. It is pretty obvious that the cattle mutilators are not from outer space since these cases mostly happened in English speaking countries.

There are several New Age religions, also called UFO religions. They are of the type that a sect believes that the world will be destroyed by a comet or something and before the world is destroyed aliens come in UFOs and save the believers. Instead of just walking into a UFO spaceship, these believers commit a group suicide. It may be of some relevance that scientology is counted as one of the UFO religions.

Originally UFOs did not mutilate cattle. I looked briefly at the evidence of UFOs from web sources, I did not study it deeper as so many people have studied them. I failed to notice any convincing evidence of extraterrestrials, but there is reason to suspect a number of causes, some quite interesting.

First is that in the 1940ies and 1950ies there probably were secret airplane or rocket tests. The first modern UFO sighting in 1947 was probably of this type. Kenneth Arnold was flying near Mount Rainier in Washington when saw nine unusual objects in the sky. He also saw them later and they looked like flying saucers, or like flying wings, that is airplanes without a tail. Arnold might have seen the German Horten Ho-229 flying wing (tested and working in 1945, project transferred to the USA in 1945).

There were several experimental airplanes at that time, in many countries. In the USA, in addition to Horten Ho-229, there were the Vought V-173 Flying Pancake (operational 1942-1947) and McDonnell XF-85 Goblin (first flight in 1948). Test flights of Vought V-173 resulted into several UFO reports in Connecticut and that in the Soviet Union UFO sightings often followed tests of new rockets.

The second famous modern UFO case, the Roswell UFO crash in 1947, was an experiment by the US military. According to document disclosed in 1990 it was a nuclear test surveillance balloon. The military seems to have intentionally led the public to believe UFOs were extraterrestrial: a public information officer from US military told to the press that it was a flying disc, while officially the military told it was an ordinary weather balloon. These contradictory statements sounded like the military had something to hide, as it had.

The US military ordered a plane, which looked just like a UFO. The development of this plane, Avro Canada VZ-9 Avrocar, was started in a top secret project in 1951, the plane was tested in 1959-61 and the project was stopped in 1961. It was designed and built in Canada for the US military as a proof of the concept. It was one of the planes capable of rising directly up, but it was unstable.

Nick Mariana’s UFO film from 1950 could be light reflecting from two jet planes assuming that the weather was a bit foggy so that the film did not show the whole planes, or he may have seen experimental planes.

These kinds of sightings continued later and in other countries. Twenty Finnish air force pilots saw 7 air balloons in 1969 in some 2000 meters. Radar also saw them. Finnish pilot Tarmo Tukeva tied to chase them with a fighter plane, but they were too fast and disappeared to north. Radar noticed them passing Pori. There were two reliable observations: by Tarmo Tukeva and Jouko Kuronen. It seems that something was flying in the Finnish air space, probably either from the east or from the west rather than from the outer space.

The second cause of unexplainable UFO observations is that there may be unknown natural phenomena. Such phenomena can be atmospheric, such as fireballs, which are electrically charged plasma, or there could theoretically be other natural unknown phenomena, such as magnetic monopoles or mini black holes. If such phenomena exist, they are of course very interesting and well motivate UFO studies. These types of UFO sightings may include the Levellan incidence in 1957, where the reason may be an electrical storm, which appeared in conditions, which should not cause it, and the Rendlesham forest incidence in 1980. In the latter incidence there was a fireball, but some observations may have been light from a light house, it is unclear. Ellsworth UFO sighting from 1953 may be of this type: the pilots saw a very bright object. There were observations from radar and 45 people.

This second cause of UFOs may be real and it could explain what happened in the sky in Nuremberg 1561 and in Basel 1566. Something happened there and it could not have been a hoax or any types of airplanes.

The third cause for UFO sightings is that there is a natural explanation, but for some reason or another, the explanations are not accepted by all. Examples of this type may be the following. Lubbock lights in 1951 could have been birds. The Tehran incident in 1976 may have been a sighting of Jupiter combined with technical problems in airplanes. The Chicago O’Hare International Airport UFO in 2006 maybe was a balloon. Belgian UFO waves of 1989-1990 are questionable. Airplane pilots saw nothing and got their radar locked to each other. There is only one dubious photo, which has been claimed as forgery. 13,000 people said they saw UFOs, but most of them said so afterwards. If there was something to see, it probably was strong lights reflected to clouds.

Finally, the forth cause for UFO sightings are hoaxes. It is not possible to prove that some photos, films and witness statements were hoaxes or false, but it is likely that many were. Strangely, witnesses, who claim to have seen or met UFO creatures, are not believed, while disbelieving witnesses, who tell having seen physically impossible episodes of the holocaust, is being made illegal. Let us say categorically, witness statements are never certain proofs of any event. They have to be confirmed by stronger evidence. It is impossible to say for instance what is seen in the film from Ovni Ufo Tremonton incident in 1952. It could be a hoax, a natural phenomena, or something else, but despite of that, the case of extraterrestrials is weak.

But the case of cattle mutilations and corn circles is not weak. Cattle certainly was mutilated and some, undoubtably people and not extraterrestrials, made circles on corn field during nights. The best bet is that both activities were made by members of some New Age sect or UFO religion.

Is there a difference? Do UFO religions belong to New Age?

So one can say, more or less, and one can say even more: it is theosophy.

The first UFO religion was I AM. Its founder Guy Warren Baddard had studied theosophy and believed to have met St. Germain in California in 1930. St. Germain is the ascended teacher of theosophy.  Two other people, who met St. Germain were leading theosophists Annie Besant and Charles Webster Leadbeater.  Annie Besant was a political activist: women’s rights, Fabian society, some Marxism, Indian independence. Leadbeater introduced Buddhism to England, while Besant was more interested in Hinduism. Both presented Krishnamurti as the new Messiah, until he resigned from the role. Later Leadbeater was a bishop of the Liberal Catholic Church. As religion both represented synchronism and occultism. Annie Besant was a founder of Co-Masonry. Leadbeater joined Co-Masonry. While Freemasons do not accept Co-Masonry as Freemasonry, it belongs to Freemasonry in the wider sense. Both Besant and Leadbeater are still important authors in the New Age movement. So, I AM has a theosophic connection, do other UFO religions have it?

The Aetherius Society is another UFO religion. It was funded in 1950ies and is based on theosophy, so it is synchronistic, includes yoga, alternative medicine, has spiritual masters and all this typical (politically greenish) set. Probably the most notorious UFO religion was Heaven’s Gate. In 1997 39 members of this cult made a mass suicide. One of the two leaders, Bonnie Nettles, was a student of theosophy and Christian prophesies. Scientology is also one of the UFO religions. The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, has a link to theosophy through Aleister Crowley, occultist, who was strongly influenced by theosophy. This link is best show by the effort of L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parson in performing Crowley’s Babalon Works and making the Moonchild. Aleister Cowley was a leader of Ordo Templi Orientis, O.T.O., which was to be the second Illuminati, that is the esoteric supreme lodge. Theosophist Helena Blavatsky was involved in creation of O.T.O, and she was also a member of the Golden Dawn.

All of these occult and esoteric activities in Europe between 1700 and 1950 lead to the same people and finally to Freemasonry. There are no several independent roots, all of these nominally disjoint and even opposite movements turn out to have the same roots. All of them can be called Freemasonry in the wider sense of the word. This is not only true of UFO religions and New Age, but also of Wicca, Buddhism and yoga in the West and so on.

Let us continue with UFO religions. Dorothy Martin’s UFO religion Seekers is directly connected with Dianetics and Scientology and in that way to theosophy. Another UFO religion, Thelma B. Therrell’s Ashtar command, had as members many theosophists. The founder of yet another UFO religion, Violet Gilbert, was a student of theosophy and I AM religious activity. Finally let us mention the Nation of Islam. It is not the Islamic State ISIS, it is an American political and religion of blacks who turn into heretic Muslims. Nation of Islam movement is one of the UFO religions. Nation of Islam is anti-while and anti-Semitic racial black supremacist movement. Why is it associated with the UFO religions? If you read their strange beliefs, it is clear that it is, and what proves it is that members of Nation of Islam are encouraged to study Dianetics i.e., Scientology. So there is a link from Nation of Islam to Scientology and from there to theosophy.

The true character of theosophy, or actually Freemasonry, should become clear when one studies Annie Besant and Nation of Islam. Besant fought for women’s rights, Nation of Islam for blacks’ rights, but why esoteric societies supported such efforts? There is inequality both in white-black and men-women relations, but I very much doubt that the goal of equality was the reason that these movements are supported. If these occult and esoteric movements would in reality be for civil rights, Nation of Islam would not have murdered Malcolm X. Malcolm X left Nation of Islam for orthodox Sunni Islam, but he still was a fighter for backs’ rights. The goal of these esoteric movements is different: they are there to create struggles, which weaken the society and to manipulate the situation which way they at the time desire. They are not there to win equality to those they pretend to fight for.

While it is not exactly true that all UFO religions have connections to theosophy, very many have. Modern New Age is a direct continuation of theosophy. It is loosely controlled: there are New Age movements that are not controlled in any way, they may be writing songs like Wishmaster,  but the totality is manipulated to a desired direction by those movements, which are controlled.

New Age is a direct continuation of the esoteric teachings of the second esoteric revival in Europe, that is, Theosophy and the new Rosicrucian movement. From these movements were born the modern Gnosticism and Satanism. These movements were parts of Freemasonry, when understood in the wider sense, and as a part of this wider connection, they had a political dimension.

I am happy to write about this part of the great conspiracy because here Jews are not overrepresented and I do not need to hear that this or that sentence may again be considered anti-Semitic by some thought police. (This is not to say that Jews are underrepresented. The founder of the Church of Satan, Anton LaVey was Jewish.)

The great conspiracy was real and it originally was the plan of Freemasonry for changing the world, the European controlled world. Masons were originally Christians, who for some reason or another believed that prophesies should be fulfilled. Jews had a role in this conspiracy from the very beginning since they were the Promised Nation in these prophesies: restoration of Jews was one of the main goals. Some Jews joined this plan and later obtained a prominent role in many parts of the plan. We can say it in a different way: this plan was always Messianic and there were always Messianic Jews. But they have not been in a prominent role in this theosophy part of the plan.

Primarily this part of the plan was esoteric and occult. It had some political dimensions and it was occasionally used for political purposes, but the essence is esoteric. Why did some New Age group mutilate cattle? It must have been some ritual. There is some real belief in occult things. The original Rosicrucian movement of the early 17th century was inspired by comet sightings. They really believed that a new world age was starting. I would imagine that they were aware of the celestial phenomena in Nuremberg and Basel in the mid 16th century. The power of this esoteric and occult movement is that there may be something real that we do not know. I said earlier in this post that behind some, very few, UFO sightings there may be some unknown natural phenomenon. And maybe it is not natural, only real? This is why this movement will not disappear and it will also in the future generate such unfortunate efforts like the great conspiracy. I want to draw attention to this often unforgotten part of the plan.

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